Sandra Beswick & Associates has a reputation for positively transforming companies’ financial landscapes. We have the knowledge and skills to grow companies towards profitable and sustainable futures, as well as save the ones that are in distress.

Don’t take our word for it… see for yourself!

Sandra Beswick & Associates was able to assist Rosside Press (Pty) Ltd to achieve a last minute business rescue that resulted in the company being taken over by Bidvest as a going concern and 50% of the employees retaining their jobs.

Business rescue achieves a better result than liquidation

This 14-year old construction holding company was hit by an increase in competition and reduction in infrastructure projects after 2010. By implementing business rescue proceedings, a better result for all was achieved.

Masela Transmission and Distribution (Pty) Ltd made no provision for a downturn and cash resources were used to acquire companies that did not live up to expectations. When they could not trade out of the problems, Sandra Beswick & Associates was able to assist them in winding down the company during business  rescue, which saw employees retain their jobs for a further two years and shareholders freed from liability for the debts incurred.