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Get to know Sandra Beswick

Sandra has a reputation as a respected business advisor with a wealth of experience in giving professional advice about effective business management practices, turn-around and work-out strategies, enterprise development, and funding of businesses. She has been active for a number of years in the field of business development support, including mentoring of business owners.

Why have you chosen this line of work?

I love the challenge of turning a negative situation into a positive outcome… to save jobs and retain businesses

How did you start out in your line of work?

It was by chance.  I had left the banking industry after many years with no idea of what I wanted to do. I saw a tender issued by the IDC for a restructuring and to work out experienced parties. Together with some of my ex-colleagues we submitted a tender – included in the team was a business rescue practitioner and it seemed like an opportunity for me to pursue. Business rescue was enacted in the new Company’s Act of 2008 in 2011.

What awards / accolades / achievements can you brag about?

Since my first business rescue in February 2012 I have rescued 7 businesses obtaining better results for the creditors and employees than if the companies had been liquidated.

What are common problems that you have seen while dealing with the financial aspects of businesses in South Africa?

Cash flow constraints, overtrading, undercapitalised companies and ineffective management decisions, as well as behaviour and failure to admit the company is experiencing difficulties (“denial mode”).During the good times management take irrational decisions and feel that they are invincible and look to grow their businesses through acquisitions rather than organically.

What inspires you most in life?

Integrity, empathy and treating everyone as I would expect to be treated.

What one thing can businesses do to ensure they never reach a stage of financial distress?

Ensure that cash flow is the driving force of your business and maintain a daily cash flow forecast.

What one thing can businesses do to ensure they grow and keep growing?

Constantly measure the performance of your business and know what is going on all the time. Also, constantly add value and find solutions to all situations. Finally, always be realistic!

What makes your company the one to pick?

Differentiation! I always try and make it work. I don’t give up easily. I always believe there is a solution. Fluense believes in resolution and determination with optimism.